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  User4220839    5.0     2+ years ago                                                 

 My flowers were perfect!!!!  They were everything I could have ever imagined and more!!!  Char is so  talented and the first florist I met when I moved to Virginia and could  not have wanted anyone else creating my bouquet for me!!  I gave her my  ideas and thoughts and she went with it and created the most beautiful  bouquet ever with sunflowers and yellow lilies and all my favorite  yellow flowers!  The boutonniere's were awesome and the girls flowers  were perfect with the camo wrap around it!!  Seth was obsessed with the  shotgun shells and the tiny flowers inside of them - it was a perfect  touch for all the guys for a country wedding.  She traveled all the way  to Orange to deliver all the flowers - they were beyond beautiful!   Thank you so much Char for all your help and for giving that extra touch  to make my wedding day perfect!!! Thank you!!!!!!!                                         .

           Kira                                                     , Married on 11/01/2019                                                      5.0    

                                           Char is a wonderful woman!  Her flowers are beautiful and she has the best deals. I will go to her  for all of my floral needs! I would recommend her to anyone! Her  attention to detail and attention to her customers is amazing.                                          Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does.

           Caitlin                                                     , Married on 10/18/2019                                                      5.0    

                                           In my initial wedding  planning efforts, I decided that flowers weren't a priority for me so we  decided to just do the bouquets for the girls  and corsages/boutineers  for the parents and grandparents rather than flowers for decorations and  everything else. BUT after seeing our flowers that day, I was so happy  and totally in love with how they came out!! We went with a simple  bouquet style using hydrangeas that were colored coral to match our  colors and they came out great! I could not have been happier with the  look. I got Char's name through another vendor and was so happy to have  met her. She was very helpful when we were picking out styles and was  very responsive to any questions I had about our order. We even had some  family drama about how many corsages we would need and she was more  than understanding with our changing numbers! Some of the bridesmaid  bouquets that were left over looked just as great 2 days later! Great  service and a great product! Thank you!!  


           Lisa                                                     , Married on 07/12/2019                                                      5.0    

                                           When I first met Char I had  no idea what I was doing for my wedding. I did not have colors in mind  or know how many would be in our bridal party or what kind of flowers I  wanted or what season my wedding would be in or what color linens I was  using.... nothing. Char was so patient and flexible. She had TONS of  photos to look at, so I just gave her a general idea of what I liked.  When I finally picked a color palette, I emailed her some pictures, and  she told me not to worry because she knew exactly what to do. :)  And  she did! On my wedding day all of the flowers were absolutely stunning.  The bouquets were beautiful, but I was completely blown away when I  walked into my reception and saw the centerpieces.  Char was responsive  to email, gave me some great suggestions, and was so much fun to work  with! 5 stars but deserves 10!                                        

           Cathleen                                                     , Married on 09/13/2019                                                       5.0    

                                           Char is a floral goddess.   She has a wonderful eye for floral design and is amazing at what she  does.  For my initial meeting with Char I came with about 10 magazine  clippings, a color swatch, a list of what I needed flowers on, and my  budget.  I am not knowledgeable about the price of certain flowers, or  what is in season, so I put my complete trust in her to make what she  thought would look best within my color scheme and budget.  

On the day of the wedding, the flowers that showed up were breathtaking.   They were actually more beautiful than I had expected, and she had  pulled inspiration from all of the clippings I provided.  I asked her to  decorate the arbor that we got married underneath, and that arrangement  ended up being my absolute favorite.  

Her advice, flexibility, and honesty were greatly appreciated, and she  was one of the nicest vendors we had the pleasure to work with.  You can  tell immediately upon meeting her that she loves what she does, which  is also reflected in her floral creations!                                         

We love when our clients feel at ease, and enjoy their day!
We love when our clients feel at ease, and enjoy their day!